Waterjet cutting
Waterjet cutting

We have the newest and most innovative 3D technology for waterjet cutting, which precisely cuts soft, hard, highly resistant and problematic materials.

The technology Flow Dynamic Waterjet XD is a 3D technology for waterjet cutting. This technology provides high precision for the parts, faster cutting and zero compensation. The cutting head allows division of parts of up to 60 degrees while at the same time compensates for the thickness.

We cut both with abrasive and pure water. Advantages of this technology against the common waterjet cutting machines are the elimination of steam lag and kerf taper errors which results in tightest part tolerances and highest cutting speeds. That very same core technology has been further developed, incorporating those groundbreaking advantages with up to 60 degrees of articulation for bevel and 3D part production with Dynamic XD.

Moreover, there is no risk of mudding the material or deforming under high temperatures. It is possible to cut practically all types of materials and composites up to 300 mm thickness.

Working and cutting space - 400 cm x 200 cm

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Material applications
Material applications

Waterjets cut a variety materials from food and paper, to ballistic materials and inconel.:

  • aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, titan, steel, stone and tile, glass, food, paper

The cold cut is with no risk of mudding the material or deforming it under high temperatures. The cut is without bounces and therefore no further machining is needed.

Composites, laminate – no risk of deforming the materials
Glass, layered glass, mirrors - no risk of scratching the material surface
Stone, granite, ceramics, tiles, marble – can be cut with the same quality and precision as with CNC diamond tools
Plastics, layered plastics, Plexiglas, PVC, rubber
Wood, carpet, soft foam, leather
Fabric, cartons, packaging and isolating materials, paper
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We are able to offer:

  • Production of ads and logos from glass, stones, steel and other materials
  • Production of rubber sealing
  • Engraving onto glass, stone and other materials
  • Production of household subjects

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