KLEMAT CZ s.r.o., as a company operating in the field of complex sheet metal processing, machining, surface treatments and 3D measuring, strives to gain new and maintain current customers by continuously satisfying their needs with high quality products and services. The strategy of the company is to minimize the potential negative impacts on the environment and health, which is why the company’s management decided to use an integrated management system according to standards ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 and ČSN ISO 45001:2018.

Our company’s basic goal is the utmost satisfaction of our customers and concerned parties and the protection of the environment, health and safety. This goal can be achieved by a planned and systematic increase in the standard of our products and services through continuous improvement of all identified processes of the company. Products and services in the field in which our company operates can influence the environment, health and safety.

To successfully maintain and improve the integrated management system, the following policy was established, containing the obligations of the company’s management and employees:

  • The company’s management identified all concerned parties, internal and external aspects within the organization and evaluated their importance, and they are subject to further improvement.
  • We focus all our efforts on providing products and services of a quality in accordance with the requirements of customers, concerned technical standards and binding requirements and regulations.
  • As our products and services can only be as good as the people who take care of them and the source products, we put emphasis on monitoring and evaluating suppliers while taking into the account the ability to meet our requirements for the provided services and the work performed.
  • We strive to achieve stable qualitative parameters, maximum flexibility when carrying out orders and gaining trust and respect from our customers so that the name of our company can be synonymous with reliability and quality. We would like to gain and further expand a base group of a continuously built customer structure by being reliable and providing quality output.
  • The most precious asset of the company is human potential in the form of qualified and experienced workers. The company values this wealth and places great emphasis on the selection of its employees, and it promotes increasing their professional knowledge by planned training.
  • Compliance with all binding requirements and regulations, primarily those related to the protection of the environment and the protection of health and safety, is the basis of continuous internal management system improvement.
  • Continuous improvement, avoiding pollution and the occurrence of accidents and the prevention of injuries are not merely empty words to us. Along with investing in technologies with a favourable impact on the environment and the protection of health and safety, these are the basic priorities of the company’s management.

The company’s management is responsible for maintaining and developing the integrated management system, the identification and evaluation of internal and external aspects, achieving goals and the verification of the management system with regular checks. This policy is a public document and it forms a part of the public presentation of our company. The company’s management supports the established policy and believes in its suitability.

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