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In 2018, KLEMAT CZ visited Elmia Subcontractor fair

Elmia Subcontractor is a big, well-established Scandinavian fair focused only on mechanical engineering subcontracting. Most companies looking for partners for outsourcing production from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway visit this fair. Besides a larger fair called MIDEST, Elmia Subcontractors is becoming the second largest fair of mechanical engineering subcontracting in Europe according to what participating companies say. In some areas, the Scandinavian fair has a better focus for Czech companies. According to the experience of ZK Stockholm, we can confirm that besides precisely targeted acquisitions, Elmia Subcontractor is a great opportunity for finding partners in mechanical engineering corporations in Sweden.


An important milestone for KLEMAT CZ ltd in 2015 was its participation and representation of its services at the Elmia Subcontractor Connect exhibition in Sweden. We have connected successfully to many new partners and key suppliers within the automobile, agricultural, chemical and other industries.

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