Our Vision has always been... ‘to delivery of technically advanced, top quality products, which fit our clients' purposes and needs’. Of course, we have not forgotten the other part of the equation, precisely, the ability to provide these products within the shortest possible time frame at competitive prices¨, this however, has become a must in the day to day life for the successful development of our company.

We believe that it is particularly this very approach that has gained us many long-lasting relations with our current clients.

Market scope

Metal works and processing - KLEMAT CZ s.r.o. has developed and served predominantly as a supplier for Czech based companies with strong international presence on the European and world markets. However, due to the acquisition of new technologies and manufacturing capacities, as well as employees with sound international background, our target in the foreseeable future is expand to other European markets and to cooperate directly with foreign companies.

Industrial chemicals - As regards our chemical branch, we have relations and are in a position to sell both within and outside the Czech Republic. Our main suppliers are from China, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Germany and Bulgaria.

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