Founded as a one-person family business, KLEMAT CZ s.r.o., finds its origins in the company Jiří Matušík – Roofing technologies, founded in 1991. Due to the strong entrepreneurship skills of Mr. Matusik and his technical knowledge in the area of metal works and processes, the company expanded tremendously, from 3 employees in 1995 to 30 employees in 2008 and has always been a desired employer and business partner in the area.

The company owes precise CNC machines and plenty of other supplementary technologies, which broaden its capacity to produce even the most technically advanced parts and products from all kinds of steel (stainless, zinc, black, etc.).

The technology park locates a new 3D laser cutting machine, 5 axes water jet machine, a few sand blasting and bending machines, a powder coating box, creating the following advantages:

  • Extended capacity
  • Flexibility
  • Developing new and improving existing products, emphasis on quality and complexity ( working with all materials – steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, wood, composites etc. )

We have also expanded our production space.

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