CNC turning center

In 2014 we expanded our production and installed new turning center PUMA 2600 with these parameters:

The machine is designed for heavy and interrupted cutting, high accuracy, and superior surface finishes. High speed turret indexing and fast rapid traverse rates minimize non-cutting time. The machine can perform mill-drill, equipped with Y-axis along with a programmable tailstock. which greatly reduce the need for secondary operations, eliminating additional set-up and handling costs.

  • Draw tube 75 mm
  • Max. turning length 1250 mm
  • Spindle speed 45-3500 r/min
  • Spindle power 20 kW
  • Min. programmable angle C 0,001 deg. ± 360 deg
  • Turning diameter over bed min. 370 mm
  • Travel distance X min. 250 mm
  • Travel distance Z min. 1300 mm
  • Travel distance Y min. 100 mm (±50 mm)
  • Maximum weight of the workpiece using the tailstock 750 kg
  • Tool dimensions 25 mm x 25 mm x dia 50 mm
  • Number ob tools 12
  • Number of index positions 12

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