CNC Roll Bender
CNC Roll Bender

In 2016, we acquired a new machine – a CNC roll bender, which is supposed to extend our own production and portfolio of offered commercial services. Out of all the machines available on the market, the four-roll bender is the most precise, fastest and most operator-friendly way to form sheet metal into circular arcs.

Due to the geometry of the machine, rolls and the related horizontal pre-bending, we achieve very short and flat ends at the end of the bended sheet metal, which enables variability and flexibility when bending a large spectrum of products.

Advantages of four-roll benders:

  • A four-roll bender is usually 50 – 80% faster and more productive than any three-roll bender.
  • High capacity and reliability – in comparison to electromechanical machines
  • Fully hydraulic cylinder motion
  • Independent hydraulic motors make it possible to insert thicker metal sheets without any damage to their surface
  • Automatic circumferential speed compensation

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