Bending and shearing
Bending and shearing

For bending we use five CNC machines of the brand Safan and several molding presses up to the maximum length of 3000 mm. The maximum length of the material depends on the bent.

Thanks to the wide range of bending tools we are able to meet the requirements of all our customers. We have for example tools for: R0.5, R1, R3, R7, R10, R15, R20, R25, R30, R50 , pressing of hems and Z profiles.

For shearing we use table shears of the brand Safan working on a servo-hydraulic basis. This technology can automatically change the cut angle and pneumatically supports the sheets.

Shearing length is 3100 mm.
Maximum thickness 6 mm.

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SafanDarley H-Brake Hybrid
SafanDarley H-Brake Hybrid

Another step forward! With our new press brake, we are able to meet the demanding requirements of our customers and bend metal sheets up to a maximum length of 4m and a tonnage of 170 tonnes!

SafanDarley H-Brake Hybrid is a high-end press brake characterized by the following features: The SafanDarley H-Brake Hybrid series has been specifically designed for light-weight, but highest precision production with pressure forces of 1100kN and 1700kN and lengths of 3655mm and 4250mm.

Excellent productivity levels of the press are guaranteed by the closing and return speed of the upper beam of up to 230mm/s, thus creating a competitive edge to beat the competition. Low energy demand due to energy efficient drive units; power consumption is lower by up to 73% compared to conventional presses. Due to a truly minimum oil amount (only 2*9 litres or 2*15 litres), the operating costs are kept at very low levels and the oil life is very high. Oil generally does not come into contact with ambient air, which further helps enhance its life. Excellent robust design and stability of the machine frame provide for repeatable precision levels you need. The positioning of the upper beam is very precise, with a deviation of 0.005mm it ranks among the top systems in the market.

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