Bending profiles

A further innovation in 2015 was the tube and profile bending CNC technology BLM Elect 52. It is an all-electric multi-radius tube bending machine (9 axes) for tubes up to 50 mm dia.

The ELECT 52 has the following features:

  • Possibility of manufacturing complex shapes and workpieces
    Minimum mean bending radius: Ø 1D; ovalisation: < 1%; thickness reduction: < 20%; no damage to the tube surface.
  • Guarantee that the first component will be correct one
    Each movement on the machine is an electrical axis. It is controlled by the CNC and its position/setting is saved as integral part of the bending program. When changing the production, it is no longer necessary to carry out any troublesome and time taking adjustments on the machine since they are automatically activated thanks to the electrical motion of the axes.
  • Maximum length of the tubes is 3600mm.
  • Eco-compatibility
    With 80% saving on energy consumption and reduction in maintenance costs.

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