3D measurement

In order to give a final touch to our production process and increase precision, we have bought in 2015 a 3D measuring tool FARO Arm Adge 9 with 7 axes and a scanner, which allows to measure almost everything in space in real time. On the basis of the results we can issue measurement protocols.

The FaroArm is a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that allows manufacturers easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, reverse engineering, and more. The all-new FARO Edge is the most advanced, state-of-the-art FaroArm ever produced.

With the ScanArm, the addition of the FARO Laser Line Probe to the FaroArm adds unparalleled non-contact 3D scanning capabilities for detailed measurement of surface form, making the ScanArm the perfect combination of a contact and non-contact portable CMM.

As the industry leader, FARO once again raises the bar in portable measurement with the revolutionary FARO Edge. With its built-in touchscreen computer and “SmartArm” technology, the Edge simplifies the user experience with improved performance, portability, and reliability.

1.8m to 3.7m (6 ft. to 12 ft.) spherical working volume

Single Point Repeatability from 0.024mm (0.0009 in.) to 0.064mm (0.0025 in.)

Some of the unique advantages of this technology are:

  • the arm compensates for the difference in temperature and transfers its effects on the measuring system in real time
  • the arm has no limits when it comes to flexibility. Its joints can turn 360 degrees
Roughness measurement with the tool Diavite DH 8

The DH 8 tool with a VHF units allows mearing the roughness of the surface in linear and non-linear areas. It is a new high precision surface roughness meter for universal use in workshops and inspection rooms. VH model for use with probes with skids only. VHF model for use with probes with and without skids.

The tool measures the following values:

  • ISO/DIN: Ra, Rz (DIN), Rmax, R3z, Rt, Rq (RMS), Rk, Rp, Rv, Rpk, Rvk, MR1, MR2, Rpc, C1, C2, Traganteil Rmr, C0, Cz
  • JIS: Ra (JIS), Rz (JIS)
  • ISO 12085: R, AR, Rx

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