Complex sheet metal processing

We provide comprehensive metal processing, check out the video technology.

Innovation and quality improvement


In 2023, we focused on maintaining the company's competitiveness and stability on the market by investing in high-tech technologies, especially in the area of laser cutting of sheets, tubes and profiles, and we also managed to reduce our price instability and dependence on external suppliers of media that ensure the running of production itself; these particularly include electricity and nitrogen. Completing all our projects should ensure the company's competitiveness on the market in the medium term by:

  • 1. reducing the energy requirements and increasing the productivity of production - acquisition of two 20kw lasers for cutting sheet metal (as the first ever company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia), as well as another laser cutting machine for cutting profiles with a 3D head, a bending machine and a machine for metal surface treatment after cutting
  • 2. minimising our dependence on suppliers and external influences in the supply of key utilities for production - by acquiring nitrogen production technology and installing a photovoltaic power station with a capacity of 450 kw/h

In 2022, we launched a project to save energy and for investment in a new energy-efficient distribution centre with multiple productivity compared to the company's current technological equipment. This should give the company a significant technological lead, as well as much greater competitiveness in the medium term. The company has purchased the EAGLE iNspire machine, which is currently hands down the fastest laser in the world that is at least one class above its competition. It is a highly dynamic and productive high-end laser cutting centre. As the only laser centre in its category, it uses exclusively linear drives in all three X/Y/Z axes. Positioning downtimes are reduced to a minimum thanks to a simultaneous speed of up to 350 m/min and an axis acceleration of 60 ms-2 (6g).


After the turbulent Covid pandemic year of 2020, in 2021 we experienced a recovery in the company's economy. We once again embarked on the implementation of approved subsidy projects from previous years, which were literally frozen in 2020. These projects emphasize two important and fundamental pillars for the running and competitiveness of the company. First, the modernisation of the company's machinery and facilities, which was completely frozen in 2020, and second, reducing the energy intensity and increasing the efficiency of the production process.

In the first half of 2021, we plan to modernise the compressor room and completely renovate the compressed air distribution system, which provides one of the key media for the operation of our machinery and production. We also expect to increase productivity and modernise forming and bending production.


Considering the exponential growth in all other areas, precisely in the technological park, production increase, number of employees and turnover, we were pressed, in order to keep efficiency, to focus on one main thing in 2019 i.e. Innovation and implementation of our own management, planning and production system.

The main backbone was developed i.e. the hardware installation in the whole company, which allow us to collect data on-line and in real time. The data collection moves from the workers, production plants to the management and vice versa.

In 2019 we have moreover successfully implemented ISO 14001:2016 TUV SUD environmental management system and 45001:2018 the safety and protection of health at work management system in the area of complex metal processing.


With regard to the dynamic development of the company’s technological equipment in recent years, we have decided to invest mainly to production in 2018. A new two-floor, 400-square-meter production and assembly hall was built. As a part of production extension, we focused on the process of welding itself in 2018. Welding stations were extended and equipped – new welding energy sources Fronius TPSI, cutting-edge welding benches and clamping systems Siegmund, high-quality suction with filtering class 10. In the end, we successfully obtained a certification for quality management system in welding processes according ČSN EN ISO 9001 and 3834-2 at TUV SUD. We implemented and started using a new system for management, planning, work and order delivery and check. A system which enables keeping track of the production of individual employees using the number of pieces after each shift.

Our long-term efforts in the field of company development, growth and sustainability resulted in February 2019 when we were awarded – Czech Business Diamonds. This prize is awarded by Bisnode on the basis of objective economic indicators for the last three years for all fourteen regions of the Czech Republic and for Zlín Region, we got the 1st place. We were also awarded by Czech top 100 with an AAA certificate within the scope of evaluation for Czech stability award in the Czech Republic.


Another step forward! With our new press brake, we are able to meet the demanding requirements of our customers and bend metal sheets up to a maximum length of 4m and a tonnage of 170 tonnes! We are also able to arrange for a complete delivery of the parts and assemblies for our customers, including the installation and delivery of fasteners and fittings. We have extended our range of services and a business vehicle fleet. With our new DAF LF 45.220 trucks, we are much more flexible in our deliveries! We can offer our customers a commercial goods transportation services now!


During 2016 we have to our laser technologies a new modular CNC laser Adige-SYS LS 5 Fibra with the possibility of extending it as a tube lase. A huge advantage of this technology is its automated system for cutting sheets as well as tubes and profiles. Further we have acquired CNC four cylinder rolling machine, which is currently the most precise, fastest and easiest to work with. As a logical completion of the surface treatment processes we offer, was the acquisition of a wet coating line including the dryer. This kind of coating perfectly adjusts to the powder coating lines of 7m and 5,5m we have.


In 2015 we have expanded our technology park with a third Adige sheet and tube laser, CNC tube and profile bending machine, a new powder coating line, 3D measuring arm with a laser scanner, a welding robot, electrochemical polishing technology and a further sand blasting machine.

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